Chat Rules and Regulations

We are committed to creating a comfortable space for live communication between people. By using our service, you can see and hear your interlocutors in the live-streaming video chat and exchange text messages with them.

To make such communication enjoyable for everyone, we ask our users to stick to the simple chat rules. Our moderators monitor compliance with these rules and bans violators.

By using our service, you agree to comply with the chat rules listed below. Please stop using the service if you cannot comply with these rules.

1. Be polite, and do not insult your interlocutors. It is forbidden to:

  • Use obscene language.
  • Insult interlocutors or behave rudely towards them.
  • Demonstrate gestures that are commonly known as obscene (e.g., middle finger).
  • Perform any discriminatory actions against interlocutors on the grounds of race, religion, nationality, gender, age, appearance, etc.
  • Threaten interlocutors by any means.

2. Do not perform any actions, which may be considered obscene. It is forbidden to:

  • Appear naked or in underwear.
  • Expose a naked torso while hiding the face.
  • Aim the camera at any body parts below the chest (including the belly, crotch, legs, toes, etc.), even if they are covered with clothes or belong to another person.
  • Expose any intimate body parts.
  • Aim the camera at the lips, make any tongue gestures, or lick the lips.
  • Demonstrably touch any intimate body parts, even if they are covered with clothes or hidden behind an object.
  • Suggest "virtual sex" to interlocutors.
  • Send emojis (smiles) or combinations of emojis that may imply sexual meaning due to the context or common interpretation (an eggplant and water drops, etc.).
  • Use words or expressions that are affiliated with sexually provocative slang or may imply an obscene meaning (for example, "cock,” "pussy,” etc.).
  • Ask interlocutors to undress or show any intimate body parts or body parts below the chest.
  • Make any suggestive gestures or perform actions that may be considered obscene or contain direct or indirect offers with sexual or provocative meanings.

3. Do not stream an extraneous or modified image in place of yourself. It is forbidden to:

  • Aim the camera at a TV, computer, phone, tablet, car display, or any other device screen, regardless of the image being displayed there.
  • Aim the camera at any photos, illustrations, or drawings irrespective of the image they depict.
  • Aim the camera at any printed, handwritten, or other text signs, regardless of their meaning.
  • Use the webcam emulators or any other means for replacing, modifying, and distorting your live video stream, including software filters, visual effects, software masks, and virtual avatars.

4. Advertising and spam are strictly prohibited in any form. It is forbidden to:

  • Stream images or send messages with advertising or promotional content.
  • Send any links, including links to videos or social profiles.
  • Send messages in bulk or send the same message to a large number of users.
  • Ask interlocutors to perform any online actions (to like, subscribe, participate in a poll or vote, visit a website, etc.).

5. Complaint procedures

  • Like any other user of our service, you can send a complaint (report) against your interlocutor. Along with the complaint, our moderators receive a screenshot of the interlocutor's video and his/her message (if any). Moderators check every complaint for a possible violation and decide if it requires banning the interlocutor from the video chat. Moderators monitor users' complaints 24/7, including weekends and holidays.
  • Our system automatically bans any user who gets numerous complaints within a short time. It helps identify violations that are otherwise difficult to detect. The system considers numerous factors that exclude accidental or unjustified bans.
  • By using our service, you accept our current complaint procedures. Please remember that other users may also send complaints against you, which may lead to an automatic ban.
  • If your interlocutor violates the chat rules or behaves offensively towards you, please do not respond with an offense or violation. If you do so, you will become a violator and may be banned.

6. Age restrictions

  • To use our service, you must be considered an adult (be of the age of majority) under your country's laws.
  • If you are considered a minor in your country, under no circumstances should you use our service, even with your parent's or legal guardian's permission or supervision.
  • If you see a child in the video chat, please send a complaint to our moderators, so they can quickly respond and ban the minor from using the service.

Our Vision and Recommendations

In our view, the exemplary user of our service is a polite, open, and friendly person who always behaves respectfully and never insults other people. This view underlies our approach to moderation.

The following guidelines will help you get the best experience and avoid unpleasant situations when using the video chat.

Keep your face visible. Our users want to see who they are talking to. Do not cover your face, and make sure it is visible in the camera frame. If you are uncomfortable with showing your face, you may want to switch to other platforms that have the option for chatting without video. Hiding your face while seeing others is unfair to your interlocutors.

Turn on the light. Our users naturally expect to see each other clearly in the video chat. Darkness is hardly conducive to proper communication, so please use the video chat in a well-lit environment. You have plenty of time to adjust the camera and find the best light and angle before starting the conversation.

Appear well dressed. The video chat is a public space, and you should look as if you were among people or in public. Please remember that you are visiting the video chat; our users are not visiting you at home. Do not take off your shirt or stay in your underwear, even if it is hot. Understandably, other people might not like it, and you may be banned.

Pay attention to what is caught on camera. When using the video chat, you can switch between the front (selfie mode enabled by default) and the rear camera (depending on the device type). Always keep forbidden objects or situations from being caught on either of the cameras. Please make sure to exclude from view everything prohibited by the rules, especially before switching to the rear camera. Do not overuse the rear camera, and avoid showing your surroundings and aiming the camera at other people from afar. For face-to-face communication, this is unnecessary, and you may unintentionally violate the rules. Instead, let your interlocutor see you most of the time.

No 'second-hand' streaming. Avoid aiming the camera at a TV, PC, laptop, or any other device screen — even if you think something exciting is going on there. Let people watch TV or videos on the internet on their own whenever and wherever they wish, just not in our video chat.

No video game streaming either. The no-streaming rule also applies to video games. There are many other online platforms where our users stream their games or follow popular streamers. They use our video chat only for face-to-face communication and never for watching or streaming video games.

Do not use the video chat in lavatories or bathrooms. These are the designated personal hygiene spaces. People tend to interpret your actions there differently than if you were in other rooms.

A violation is always a violation. Unfortunately, this is the case, even if it happens by accident. It is impossible to verify if a user violated the rules accidentally or deliberately. Therefore, our moderators respond to the violation rather than its reasons because it is impossible to determine the causes objectively. For example, if you accidentally drop your device and the camera caught something prohibited by the rules, it will always be counted as a violation.

Even fleeting abuse may lead to a ban. The gravity of the violation does not depend on its duration. It does not make any difference if it lasts just a second or a whole couple of minutes. Therefore, it helps if you stay cautious and self-aware of your activities when using our video chat.

Make sure your camera works. Please do not use the video chat with a faulty or disabled camera. When your interlocutors cannot see you, their experience suffers. It must not happen, especially because of someone's defective device.

Never 'lend' your device to others when using the video chat. Do not let other people use the video chat on your device without your consent or if you are unsure if they are familiar with the chat rules. You are the only one held responsible for the content transmitted from your device in the video chat. Any violation caused by your friend, a relative, or anyone else on your device is considered your own.

Think before you act. If your interlocutor asks you to do something or awaits a specific action or response from you, please think if this will contradict the rules. It is in your best interest to withhold any provoked action that may lead to a ban.

Disconnect when you need to leave. Do not leave the video chat in a connected state if you need to step out, even for a brief moment. Spare your interlocutors from staring at a ceiling or empty walls. Disconnect before you get busy with something else (answering a call, opening a door, etc.).

Never respond with "an eye for an eye." Our advanced reporting system helps moderators promptly respond to violations and bans those who violate the chat rules. Please consistently report violators but never respond with an offense. Our moderators review every case separately without tracing back the reasons. Thus, you are held responsible for any inappropriate response and might be banned as well.

Be careful and mind your privacy. Never share your personal information or any sensitive or private data with your interlocutor unless you are fully aware of the associated risks and ready to bear full responsibility for any consequences of such sharing. Last but not least, always be cautious when making an appointment with someone you have just met in the video chat.

Changes and Revisions

We reserve the right to change, revise, or modify any part of these rules at any time without prior notice. It is your responsibility to check the rules periodically for changes. You can study the rules before using the service (before starting a connection in the video chat). By starting a connection, you confirm acceptance of those changes.

The Portuguese version of this Privacy Policy is the main one in effect.